Woodland Timber

The woodlands extend to 470 hectares (1160 acres) and have a long history of timber production and conservation dating back to the 12th Century, when the nearby Abbeydore monks were prominent in their management.

Geraldus Cambrensis wrote c. 1216 of ‘straight and tall oaks which are very clean and smooth over the whole of the lower stem and leafy only at the very top, as if crested at the tip, arranged with a certain natural order in rows to delight the viewer, …by far excelled all the woods of England and the royal forests with its special appearance’.

High silvicultural standards have been maintained for generations and there has been considerable focus on woodland management activity particularly over the last 30-40 years. The fertile clay loam soils derived from Devonian Old red sandstone combine with a temperate climate to provide excellent growing conditions for many broadleaved and coniferous timber species. The estate pursues the production of high quality timbers as a key component of sustainable estate management whilst maintaining important landscape, conservation and sporting interests. Sustainable timber production is in the region of 3800m3/annum. The following categories of timber are produced for sale:

High Quality Broadleaved Sawlogs

Oak is the dominent species grown at Whitfield being sold for planking & beam markets but smaller quantities of ash, chestnut, cherry and beech are also grown.

Hardwood Firewood

Produced to a variety of lengths, this bulk commodity is the largest category of wood produced from the woodlands, and is sold to local users as well as to regional firewood merchants.

Softwood Sawlogs

Mainly durable redwood species are grown and douglas fir, western red cedar & larch predominate. Most is sold to bulk national markets whilst smaller volumes can be cut to order for special requirements.

Softwood Fencing & Palletwood

Produced from earlier thinnings this 8-18cm diameter material can be cut to length and graded according to a customer’s needs.

Conifer Fuel / Chip Wood

The lowest grade of conifer timber but becoming increasingly in demand for bioenergy markets as well as supplying traditional MDF & chipboard manufacturers.

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Holly For Sale

Whitfield is a leading producer of wholesale quantities of holly and other cut foliage. For details please contact Pryor and Rickett Silviculture. The holly varieties produce a mix of variegated, smooth and traditional prickly, berried and unberried stems suitable for a range of uses including wreaths and Christmas decorations. We also provide cut foliage for the trade.

Varieties include Golden King, J C Van Tol and Blue Princess, all grown in orchard conditions.